Looking For La Union Eats? Awesome Hotel Now Offers Filipino And Fusion Cuisine

Looking For La Union Eats? Awesome Hotel Now Offers Filipino And Fusion Cuisine

Dec 12

A journey to the North takes about three to four hours, depending on the traffic and where you come from. The travel would make one, myself included, famished. The best way to recharge is to go to the best spot in San Juan, La Union – at Awesome Hotel. 

In this blog, we will showcase the best food this seaside beachfront hotel offers! 

Must-Try Eats

Since you’ve come far from the city, you need something filling. Fortunately, we have sumptuous rice bowls, satisfying burgers with tender patties, fresh salads, and handmade pizza!

Dinakdakan Pizza

Our signature Dinakdakan Pizza, one of our most ordered dishes on the menu, is making a comeback. The dough used for Dinakdakan Pizza is made daily and by hand, so we can guarantee it’s fresh. Topped with chewy mozzarella cheese, pork liver, grilled pork liver and ears, freshly diced onions, and green chilis, this dish will satisfy those who love savory meat! 

Mediterranean Meals

Our Chicken Biryani and Beef are filled with herbs and spices that will definitely boost your appetite. We also have Mussel Provencale. It is an appetizer cooked in white wine sauce with fresh vine tomatoes, onions, and coriander leaves. 

Pinoy Fusion

For the meat lovers out there, our Grilled Beef Tenderloin cooked Bistek-style will do the trick! The beef is bathed in tangy calamansi and soy sauce, making it flavorful. It will melt in your mouth and get better with each bite you take. It also comes with caramelized onions and is served with fresh corn and vegetables as sides. 

American Favorites

For those who love Western cuisine, we have juicy burgers and energizing sandwiches such as the Mexican Chicken Burger, which includes cajun spice and jalapeno peppers, Eggplant Prosciutto Pesto Sandwich, and Minute Steak Sandwich. All of these are made with fresh, handmade ciabatta bread. With every bite of our burgers, you get an explosion of flavors in your mouth!

At Awesome Hotel, no one will get left behind because we also serve a plant-based menu! On the other hand, we also have salads for those who want a light but hearty meal. We have Chicken Caesar Salad and Greek Salad. We also have the Crispy Garden Fusion Salad, which includes fresh tiger prawns, rucola, and parmesan flakes with balsamic vinaigrette. Our salad dishes are served with garlic breadsticks to make them more filling. 


Enjoy Fusion and Filipino Cuisine At Awesome Hotel!

Trying new dishes is one of the ways you can immerse yourself in the local culture whenever you’re traveling. It can expand your palate, help you eat healthier, and gain memorable culinary experiences. For more adventurous culinary experiences, try our new Filipino and fusion cuisine, like our bestselling Dinakdakan Pizza. The dishes on our menu can take you on a unique gastronomic journey you’ll never forget. 

Here at Awesome Hotel, we cook our meals with premium ingredients and a whole lot of love. Try out the newest menu as prepared by Executive Chef Anthony Gallo. Reserve a table with us today!

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