Day Tour Packages Extravaganza at Awesome Hotel!

Day Tour Packages Extravaganza at Awesome Hotel!

Mar 25

La Union’s beauty goes beyond the toss of sand and surf —and it’s something that one can see, especially if you embark on La Union day tour packages!

Most people are drawn to La Union for the wondrous waves and surfing. It shouldn’t be surprising, given that La Union has been dubbed the Surfing Capital of the Philippines. Fortunately, thanks to Awesome Hotel’s La Union day tours, you now have an opportunity to learn more about what makes La Union truly special. 

If you’re looking for a day filled with activities and exploration, look no further because of Awesome Hotel’s Day Tour packages! 


La Union Day Tour Packages From Awesome Hotel


Experience an action-packed schedule with our La Union day tour packages and amenities! Embark on a journey through La Union’s scenic landscapes! Learn more about a wealth of information about La Union’s beauty, rich culture, and history on our day tours. 

After a busy day tour, unwind and fill your days with activities! Some you can do include:

  • Go solo or as a duo and challenge yourself with our kayak rental! 
  • Bond with your loved ones by playing beach volleyball under the sun. 
  • You can also take a dip, relax by our pool, and go swimming. 
  • In the afternoon, catch up with old friends over pastries at our Lobby Cafe. 
  • Cheer for your favorite sports teams and enjoy Happy Hour from 4 to 7 p.m. in our Sports Bar. 
  • If you’ve signed in with us, you can enjoy the following: 
    • Before hitting the road to explore more of what La Union has to offer, you can enjoy our Complimentary Breakfast and indulge in our delicious breakfast buffet, available daily! If you’re not in the mood to leave the room, you can also get room service! 
    • Unwind after a long day of activities with our in-room massage! Surf the internet with our 500 Mbps internet connection. 
    • If you have a large family reunion, you can also try booking our Convention Hall! 


Value For Money

Our rate is 1000 PHP for adults and 700 PHP for children. With our rates, you get value for what you pay for! Embark on a quaint and beautiful tour experience that will take you on a journey for the senses! 


A Strategic Location

In the center of La Union, where sea, sand, and surf meet, Awesome Hotel is the perfect place to bounce off due to its prime location. Thanks to our ideal location, you can catch world-class waves nearby! It’s near the city center, the beaches, and all the notable attractions of La Union! It’s not only a great place to enjoy your vacation in San Juan La Union but also a fantastic starting point for a La Union day tour! 


A Time Of Rest And Relaxation 

Rest in our comfortable and luxurious accommodations following a long day of activities. We are equipped with 500 MBPS speed WiFi, fully air-conditioned rooms, and an in-house massage service. Relax your mind and muscles with the help of our experienced and qualified therapists! 


Fine Dining Experiences

A day tour experience will not be complete without a rich and diverse food selection. We’ve got a lot to offer here at Awesome Hotel—from delectable pastries and desserts from our very own Lobby Cafe to savory and filling viands! Savour the heartiness of our Dinakdakan Pizza, a homemade pizza dough topped with pork ear, pork liver, pork cheek, onions, green chillies, and mozzarella cheese. We also serve Middle Eastern Mezzeh and Slow-Roasted Angus Beef. 

Vegans and vegetarians fret not! We also have healthy meals. The Veggie Mate, made from fresh vegetables, is served with mango chutney and fries on the side. Other greener selections include Vegan Cake from our Lobby Cafe and Crispy Garden Fusion Salad. 



Lastly, there’s nothing more convenient than quickly registering and heading to the pool, easy-peasy, lemon-squeaky! 

Once you’re on the tour, it’s a moment of discovery, learning, and enjoyment. Capture unforgettable moments and make memories that will last a lifetime! 


La Union Day Tour Frequently Asked Questions

What is a day tour?

A day tour usually occurs on the same day or within a few days. You go on the tour, and then you can go home on the same day. 

How can I spend a day in La Union?

You can spend a day in La Union learning how to surf and trying different kinds of food, especially those at Awesome Hotel and our Lobby Cafe. You can also explore other La Union gems, like the other restaurants by the shoreline or the museums, historical landmarks and tourism sites nearby. 

Why should we visit La Union?

Visit La Union for the food, the waves, the rich history, the culture, and the experience! You should also visit La Union for Awesome Hotel! 

What is the best month to go to La Union?

It depends on what you are coming to La Union for. March to May is excellent for summer there. For surfing, go from October to April due to the waves. 


Embark On A Fun Adventures In La Union With Awesome Hotel 

There may be many La Union day tours on the market. However, Awesome Hotel gives the La Union day tour a leg up thanks to our amenities, services, delicious food, and the beautiful scenery we’ll take you on our day tour. Convenience and value for money have never been this close! 

Awesome Hotel is a beachfront hotel located in San Juan, La Union. We offer scenic sea views, events, activities, relaxation amenities, services, and a day tour that only requires you to register and head to the pool area. Create new memories with our La Union day tours now! Our day tours run from March until the end of May. Book us now! 


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