Vegetarian Dining in La Union Goes Next-Level at Awesome Hotel Restaurant!

Vegetarian Dining in La Union Goes Next-Level at Awesome Hotel Restaurant!

Nov 3

It’s time for a seaside vacation! La Union has become a popular travel destination not only for its beaches and surfing but also for its culinary offerings and the seaside lifestyle. With a sprawling food scene, a well-thought-out itinerary or bucket list is a must to not miss out on crowd favorites and hidden gems. As a vacation spot for new experiences, a trip to La Union is incomplete if one doesn’t try either a new hobby or indulge in food you haven’t tried before – vegetarian dining. In ELYU, you can experience a new you!

Just in time for World Vegetarian Month and World Vegan Day, you can try scrumptious and nutritious offerings served with stunning beachfront views at Awesome Hotel’s Restaurant!

Must-Try Vegetarian Dining Offerings 

vegetarian dining aglio olio pasta

Feeling adventurous? Get your forks up for a global vegan food trip on your plate. Be transported to Western Asia and relish in Mediterranean flavors with our Middle Eastern Mezzeh with Arabic bread. ‘Mezzeh’ is of Persian origin which means “taste” or “relish.” As a dish, it is traditionally served as a platter of a variety of dishes bursting with spices. Ours consist of Tabbouleh, a kind of salad originating from Lebanon and Syria, Hummus, a popular Middle Eastern, dipping appetizer, and Mutabal, a smoky and aromatic eggplant dip, served with Arabic bread.

Fun fact: Authentic Arabic bread is puffed but hollow inside like a balloon. If it’s not puffed, then it’s not authentic. Good thing Awesome Hotel’s is!

Craving Italian? We’ve got you covered with pizza, pasta, and risotto.

With options of spaghetti, penne, fettucini, or tagliatelle, you can twirl and swirl our take on the classic Aglio Olio made with garlic and extra virgin olive oil or slurp a fresh serving of tomato and basil leaves with our Napolitana pasta.

The Vegetables Truffle Oil Risotto is – chef’s kiss – delicious as it is decadent with arborio risotto, green peas, and button mushrooms drizzled with truffle oil.

And for two or more diners, the Vegetarian Pizza is your best bet. Dig in slices of fresh tomato, mushroom, pesto, and baby spinach topped on Awesome Hotel’s signature dough.

Buon appetito!

For merienda, get a hold of The Veggie Mate – our signature and sshhh! secret crisp vegetable patty served with mango chutney and fries on the side. It’s a treat especially for those trying to get their kids to eat more veggies. 

And for dessert? Sweet tooths rejoice for a guilt-less and less sugar Vegan Cake at the Lobby Cafe. Spoonfuls of goodness with every chocolate-y bite. 

Hungry for more? Then head to Awesome Hotel and book a table at the Restaurant. With poolside and beachfront views, it’s a complete treat for the senses.

Wine, Dine, and Unwind With Awesome Hotel

Your relaxation is our pleasure. Take that well-deserved vacation and book with us! With modern rooms, world-class amenities, and unobscured serene beach access, you’ll definitely feel rejuvenated, renewed and awesome!

Elyu ready? Book with Awesome Hotel today!


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