Ultimate Corporate Events Place at this Beachfront Resort

Ultimate Corporate Events Place at this Beachfront Resort

Dec 12

Want to get away from the urban jungle in Metro Manila? Your company might need a change in scenery, and having a corporate event could help that. Then, the perfect destination would be San Juan, La Union, with its serene shores, local cuisine, and picturesque spots. It is also accessible to many establishments, restaurants, and highways, thus making it perfect for corporate events. 

Location is crucial when organizing a corporate event. Consider the number of guests, type of event, accessibility, amenities, and if it’s peak season or lean season. Once you have chosen the most ideal location, you’re all set! 

Fortunately, you can wine, dine, and connect to entrepreneurs with Awesome Hotel. Network with your business colleagues and relax by the seaside at Awesome Hotel’s Convention Center!

Spacious Venues For Events

Our hotel has a dedicated Convention Center. How big is it? It can accommodate 180 to 200 guests. We are strategically located in San Juan town proper near the seaside. This makes it a good location for recreational activities after the main event. 

The size of our Convention Center is suitable for industry conferences, seminars, team building, and similar events. If your event has fewer guests, you can use the Restaurant Hall, which can house up to 50 guests. 

Our Convention Center is available for booking all year round, and we offer exclusive packages. Be sure to make your reservation in time. You may check with our sales representative to know the availability. 


Ultimate Corporate Events Venue at San Juan, La Union: Awesome Hotel

Celebrate your business events at Awesome Hotel. Take the chance to use our spacious Convention Center and Restaurant Hall and book with us!

Enjoy our packages, modern amenities, appetizing food, and in-house services. You can work remotely without worry, or wine and dine with us to your heart’s content! Book your next event with us today. For more information regarding convention packages, kindly reach us through (072) 607 4648 or (072) 607 5462.

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