Turtle Nesting Season Exploration at Awesome Hotel

Turtle Nesting Season Exploration at Awesome Hotel

Jan 29

Turtle nesting season between September and March is one of the most marvelous experiences in San Juan, La Union. Travelers interested in nature and wildlife would undoubtedly enjoy this fantastic season. Turtle nesting immerses you in the incredible experience of witnessing turtles laying eggs.

So what are you waiting for? Join us for an exciting adventure to explore the beauty of sea turtle nesting at Awesome Hotel. But before packing your bags, let’s review a few things first.

What is Turtle Nesting Season? 

Turtle nesting is when female sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. They dig nests on the sand to lay their eggs, carefully cover them, and return to the sea. Then, these eggs are left to incubate in the warm sand. After a certain period, these baby turtles hatch and return to the ocean. 

Further, it is a critical time for the survival of sea turtle populations since it marks the beginning of a new generation. That is why conservation measures often protect sea turtles during their nesting season; they have to ensure the safety of the nesting female turtles as well as the survival of the eggs.


Plan Your Visit At Awesome Hotel this Turtle Nesting Season

Are you traveling from outside La Union? We have different accommodation options to choose from. Select from our wide selection of rooms for various number of guests: 

Premier Suite – Best deal! This 135 sqm room is suitable for six pax. It has three queen-sized beds, a 6-seater dining area, a kitchenette, a living room area, and a balcony. 

Premier Family – If you are traveling with a group, this 49sqm room is also suitable for six pax. The room includes two queen-sized beds and two single beds. 

Premier King – If you want a room suitable for two people, this 41 sqm unit has a queen-size bed. What’s best about this room is its balcony overlooking the infinity pool and garden! It comes with a mini bar, refrigerator, and loveseat. 

Premier Queen – Feel like Queens with our room good for 4pax! This 41 sqm room includes two queen-sized beds, a 4-seater round table, a balcony, a minibar, and a refrigerator. 

Other rooms to choose from: 

  • Superior Deluxe Room – Good for four pax, this 33 sqm includes two queen-sized beds and a big sofa.
  • Superior Room – Also suitable for four pax and a 33sqm room, it has two queen-sized beds and a standard sofa.
  • Deluxe Family Pool View – Good for big groups, this 33 sqm room can accommodate up to 6 people and includes three queen-size beds.
  • Deluxe Room w/ Sofa – Third wheel? Don’t fret; this 28 sqm room is suitable for three pax and includes a queen-size bed and one single-size bed.
  • Standard Poolside – This 24 sqm room can accommodate up to 4 people and has two queen-size beds.
  • Standard Ground Floor – Want some personal space? This 21 sqm room is suitable for three pax and includes three single-size beds.


Further, all our rooms include a complimentary breakfast from 7 am to 10:30 am and free wifi access across the resort.


Amenities and Services

Apart from watching the turtles nest their eggs, we offer different activities and services:

Dining and Drinks

Restaurant, lobby cafe, sports bar? Name it, we have plenty of dining options for you. Enjoy tons of different cuisines and drinks all at one place when in Awesome Hotel. All these are available within the hotel, from the delicious traditional spicy, sweet, and sour stir-fried rice noodles Pad Thai to wood fire-cooked seafood Paella Stuffed in Grilled Squid to grilled Tiger Prawns. 

Further, enhance your experience by ordering a smooth Diamond Hill Chardonnay or a J&B Blended Scotch after dinner. 

Pool access

Dip in the pool to recharge or find an excellent relaxing spot to enjoy the sun! Alternatively, you can stay by the poolside, read a book, or play music. Nothing beats the sound of the water to help you ease your mind; that’s what vacations are for. 

In-room Massage Services

This service is upon request, so you might not know it, but unwind with our in-room massage services. Let’s cap off the day with a relaxing massage with this service from Awesome Hotel!

Room Service

Enjoy our delectable cuisines from 10 pm-7 am in the comfort of your room. It’s also best to get this service right after your massage. Eat good food and drink your favorite mocktails without going to the restaurant or the sports bar. 


Experience an Unforgettable Turtle Nesting Season at Awesome Hotel!

Witness the incredible experience of sea turtle nesting at Awesome Hotel. Remember that this is a crucial time for the new generation of turtles, so participating in this would be a great experience. 

So hurry and appreciate it before the nesting season ends! Choose between our Premier Rooms, Superior Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, and Standard Rooms, depending on the number of guests and your preferred room inclusions.

Book your stay today and get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures on our beaches!

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