Nasam-it! Sweet Tooth Satisfaction In Surftown La Union

Nasam-it! Sweet Tooth Satisfaction In Surftown La Union

Jun 14

Traveling around is fun until your tummy starts to rumble. It’s easy to grab a bite along the road, but how about your sugar cravings? Where can you get that dessert fix? Worry not because we got you covered! Here’s where you can get the best pastries in the Surfing Capital of the North:

Lobby Cafe

Awesome Hotel is not just a top-notch hotel located in San Juan, La Union, but it is also home to one of the best pasty offerings in Surftown! Welcoming you upon entrance is the Lobby Cafe and its wide variety of pastries you can choose from — cakes, croissants, and cookies galore! Made fresh and quality assured with the leadership of Awesome Hotel’s eminent chef, Anthony Gallo.
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What’s even greater about Lobby Cafe is that if you’re staying within Awesome Hotel, then it’s fuss-free. You won’t need to stray far away to satiate that craving, with a bonus ocean view. They’re also operational from morning until late. 

Midnight munchies? Yes, please!

Lobby Cafe’s best treats include Awesome Signature Cake, Vegan Cake, Ube Yema Cake, and Chocolate Surfer Tart! It’s one of the few places offering sugar-free and vegan options in Surftown. Find Lobby Cafe and Awesome Hotel in Ili Norte at 319 Eagle Street.

Masa Bakehouse

Image Source: Masa Bakehouse

Nearby Awesome Hotel is Masa Bakehouse by Barefoot. True to its name, Masa houses baked goodies — from pan de coco, sourdough, Berliner, and vegan kamote donuts. Pair these off with their coffee selection too!  -back Masa is perfect for an afternoon hangout with your SO, friends, or even a solo date! 


You can visit Masa’s La Union branch in Costales St, La Union, from Wednesdays to Sundays.

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