Experience Elyu: More Than Just Beaches

Experience Elyu: More Than Just Beaches

Jul 2

La Union has always been one of the go-to destinations for weekend warriors. Experience Elyu with its famed sunsets tinged with vibrant orange hues and pink skies, enthralling beaches, amazing surfing waves, and a growing food hub.

However, what other hidden gems does La Union offer besides its waves and beaches? La Union is a province rich in art, culture, history, wildlife – and activity. Some great activities that you can do while you’re still in La Union are the following:

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Join Environmental Conservation Efforts

Make your stay in La Union fruitful by joining volunteer efforts. One of the frontrunners of marine conservation here is Project CURMA. CURMA stands for Coastal Underwater Resource Management Actions. They’re the ones to contact if you want to visit the turtle hatchery or join a hatchling release.


The turtle nesting and hatching season starts in September and lasts throughout March. If you’re in the area during this period, you can stay in Awesome Hotel, and lend a hand.

Explore the Food Scene

La Union’s closeness to the city is also a huge factor why tourists flock to it yearly, aside from its natural charms and surfing scene. As more tourists come and return to La Union, its food scene has flourished for the better. Say goodbye to fast food while in La Union! Instead, you’ll find yourself with plenty of independent restaurants and eateries that offer practically everything and anything under the sun: from local cuisine, to international eats, healthy treats, and pastries! It’s not just along the stretch of Urbiztondo that you’ll find hidden gems. Head up further to Ili Sur and Ili Norte to find more beachfront food places minus the noise of the crowds.

Try Out the Local Culture and Arts

There are many native arts and products across the different towns of La Union. You’ll find pottery in San Juan, specifically Taboc. Along the highway, just a few minutes from Surftown are rows of pottery shops made out of the local red clay. Apart from just buying, you can also try making pottery yourself with Red Clay Pagdamilian. It’s a fun place to know more about La Union with the barkada or family as sessions cater to groups.

Experience Elyu With Awesome Hotel

La Union has great things to offer, more than its beaches and more than its waves. It has plenty of natural charms, such as its native pawikans and its ever-growing food scene. It also has a rich culture and history, as its art galleries and spots demonstrate. To get around La Union, you will need a great starting point — Awesome Hotel is your best bet!

Awesome Hotel is a world-class hotel. With its proximity to sunset, surfing, and everything that makes La Union unique and unforgettable, Awesome Hotel is the perfect place to rest, relax and stay in San Juan, La Union. Email us at info@awesomehotel.com.

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