End Your Year With A Bang At Awesome Hotel!

End Your Year With A Bang At Awesome Hotel!

Jan 4

2023 has not only been a challenging year physically but also, mentally and emotionally. Being able to survive all that 2023 has thrown at you not only makes you deserving of a rest – but also a grand vacation where you can soothe your mind, rest your tired muscles, and go on a journey of self-discovery so that you can return home, feeling awesome about yourself. 

Head up to La Union to go all-out, have fun with family, friends, and co-workers, and wrap up 2023 for a job well done! Awesome Hotel is welcome to be the premier destination for magnificent year-end parties near the beachfront with modern amenities. 

We are excited to end the year with you at Awesome Hotel!

Your Top Choices At Awesome Hotel

Awesome Hotel is near San Juan town proper; you and your guests can enjoy the many amenities for the year’s biggest celebration.

Here are your top choices at Awesome Hotel:

Outdoor Fun

Start with outdoor activities with the clear blue skies! We’ve got:

  • Surfing – Elyu is the number one surfing spot in the Philippines for a reason! The waves you can catch can accommodate not only beginners but also those seeking more challenging surf breaks. Learn to hang ten with the help of experienced local surfing teachers! 
  • Swimming – Did you know? Swimming is not just a fun outdoor activity but also great for low-impact workouts! Take a dip into our infinity pool! Watch your kids try to become the next Michael Phelps in the swimming pool. 
  • Kayaking – Paddle your way through the San Juan coast with a rental kayak. Go solo or have a friend join you in a little adventure by the sea!
  • Beach Volleyball – Spike your way with friends while enjoying the smooth sands. Recreate the anime-mandatory beach episode by playing beach volleyball with your friends!  
  • Picnicking – Bring food outdoors and share it with your friends and family!  Breathe in the fresh air while eating. Spend the rare moments with your loved ones. 


A Foodie Adventure 

Our Restaurant, Sports Bar, and Lobby Cafe offer an adventurous food experience for everyone. Need a fusion cuisine to make up your palate? The Restaurant has many dishes across various cuisines, including Mediterranean, Italian, Asian, Filipino, and vegan dishes!

Want to unwind and reconnect with a friend? Interested in getting to know a fellow traveler or local? Do all those over coffee! The Lobby Cafe has coffee available daily. Enjoy long-winded conversations ranging from good-natured catch-ups to deep talks about life.

Let loose in our Sports Bar! We have a lot in store, from wines, spirits, and beers worth your money spent. Avoiding alcohol? Try out our mocktails to get that slight buzz. 


Great Events 

Splurge with your friends and family at any of our venue options! Awesome Hotel has a large Convention Center, an atmospheric Restaurant Hall, and an outdoor Beachfront Garden for all your event and reunion needs. Send an inquiry to our sales representatives for more information!


Catching The Elyu Sunset 

End 2023 with a gorgeous sunset view of the La Union seashore! Admire the sunset, one of Elyu’s most beautiful natural views. While watching, you can appreciate the splendor of La Union and reflect on your journey so far this 2023. 


Celebrate 2024 At Awesome Hotel!

2023 is one of the most turbulent times this year for anyone who has been through a lot. By closing it with your family, friends, and co-workers, you can rest and have fun with those you love, and it only gets better from here. 

Awesome Hotel is the ultimate venue that provides amenities that satisfy your year-end party: outdoor fun, modern amenities, happy hour in the Sports Bar, long talks at the Lobby Cafe, a foodie adventure in a Restaurant that offers a diverse selection of local and international cuisine, and catching the Elyu sunset for the new year. Book a room with us today!


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