Create New Memories At Awesome Hotel

Create New Memories At Awesome Hotel

Jan 4

Everything is shareable online, like the memories we make for our loved ones and for those who departed. It becomes easier to remember their laughs, cries, and our moments with them together. However, having all your family members present with you on an all-out holiday reunion is a great way to create new memories! 

Arrange an all-out family reunion at a grand venue with spacious accommodations and modern amenities at Awesome Hotel!

Great Spaces For Your Family

At Awesome Hotel, we have amenities that can accommodate your family reunion and anything your family needs to relax and feel awesome!

Here are the places where you can set your reunion:

Convention Center

Need a venue that accommodates large groups? Our Convention Center can host up to 180 to 200 guests! This is perfect for large clan reunions. The Convention Center’s size is suitable for debuts, weddings, and similar events.

We offer excellent packages for our state-of-the-art Convention Center, which is available all year round for booking. Book your reservation with our sales representative for more information!


Restaurant Hall

Celebrate with your family at our Restaurant Hall!

Our Restaurant Hall can accommodate 50 people. It can accommodate the rest of your extended family! It has plenty of space – perfect for group and solo performances, buffets, and other interactive group activities.

 Inquire with our sales representative about its availability.


Beachfront Garden

Our beachfront garden can be found in front of the infinity pool. Experience the peak outdoor family reunion at our Beachfront Garden! Enjoy a casual picnic in a wide open space, surrounded by lush greenery with hints of fresh sea air. Soothe your mind by taking a walk in our beachfront garden!


Create Long Lasting Memories At Awesome Hotel

Create new memories with your whole family because life is short. Make the most of it by thanking each family member, reaching out to make amends, and reconnecting once more. Enjoy Elyu’s offerings with your family! 

Awesome Hotel provides amenities that can satisfy your family’s needs and wants wide open spaces, modern amenities, happy hour in the Sports Bar, coffee at the Lobby Cafe, a Restaurant that offers a diverse selection of local and international cuisine, and flexible event arrangements for guests this holiday season. Book your next family reunion with us today!


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